Monday, May 05, 2014

Teething Troubles

People say that small children have sharp teeth because they are new. The thought that our teeth have become blunt due to continuous use is very funny, especially, when they often make a bloody bite inside our cheek and we cannot even blame anyone for this, since it is our own set of pearlies that are biting us all around. So, one day in order to check the fact, I inserted my finger inside my kiddos mouth and asked her to bite, till I scream. Interestingly, she did not take the advantage of the situation and increased the pressure on it only gradually, and stopped immediately I expressed first signs of pain. In second round, I decided to repeat this with my own teeth. I found the marks made by my teeth, sharper and deeper than baby's teeth - hence proving the theory wrong. However, this has led to a new game - of inserting and biting each others fingers (softly) till the other person screams; sometimes she screams for all the people in the game.

Dental health has always been a chief point of concern in my family. Other than me everyone else in the family has some or the other dental trouble. Interestingly, I have been blessed with wonderful set of teeth - a persistent ivory bunch, which will remain cavity and blemish free even if I do not brush them for a week, nor that I have ever done that, but I know. So, seeing everyone else in the family fidgeting so much about teeth was beyond my ability to understand. I would see, both Mom and bro, brushing religiously and rigorously at least twice a day, I would also see dad avoiding cold, hot, citric stuff because his teeth does not allow that. So, in all these years, me and my teeth had kind of reached a mutual understanding of not hurting each other, come whatsoever, uptil the set of wisdom teeth decided to emerge. This happened almost six years back, when I was struggling with my first year of MBA.

One night, I felt a severe pain right below my left ear, which persisted for few days. Then, I realized its not ear or gums, but something inside my mouth that's hurting. So, I self-examined my mouth and found one large white dot at the end of the left teeth line - I was shocked! Not for once, it appeared that there might something be wrong with my teeth, I inferred for something else and checked for some Google images. Confirmed, I declared - its mouth cancer!!!!

Finding it almost unbelievable to have caught this disease, I called up my dentist friend with greatly broken heart and right away shared my agony. She prescribed me some painkillers and asked me to look into that after two days, after the inflammation and pain has subsided. I did the same. After two days, I told her that the end of my gum has a white ending, which on touching, hurts. She suggested that it might be a wisdom tooth, which usually hurts a lot. She also suggested to operate and remove it, whenever I agree.

The first trailer of my wisdom tooth emergence came out in 2008 and since then it has become a regular event, an updated version of which is released every quarter, leading to few days of irritating pain and some doses of painkillers. In all these rounds of teething troubles, all four wisdom teeth have now emerged and conveniently found themselves a place in my otherwise compact dental scheme. Sometimes, when I look at them I wonder how well they have adjusted themselves. They don't even look like teeth, appearing to be more of some conical disfigured white accumulation of calcium and related minerals.

When I hear somebody getting a wisdom tooth surgery, I wonder how relieved they would be feeling after the removal of these ever painful demons. I wonder even more, when some people claim that they never had wisdom tooth. How lucky! But the thought of how might the dentist would reach to the far and obscure end of my gums in order to operate four wisdom teeth appears to be more excruciating than the prospect of letting them there. My fears may not have medical grounds, but I am scared of the fact that while trying to reach my wisdom tooth, the dentist might tear off the openings of my mouth, which further reminds me of the Joker in The Dark Knight and Anushka Sharma in her recent Koffee with Karan interview.

Too much of pain gradually becomes no pain at all. At least, this is what has happened of my dental saga. I have kind of become too okay with this trouble that it does not trouble me anymore. Also, after so many years, the wisdom teeth have settled at a consensus with the rest of their pals, each of them sparing the big bros some place to peacefully sit and not bother. Does that mean I have 32 teeth in my mouth right now? Human beings are supposed to have 32 teeth, isn't it? But, Internet claims that most people never get all four wisdom teeth, hence the number remains short of 32. Also, a Hindu mythological saying claims that whatever the one with 32 teeth says comes true!!!! With such prospects earned after several years of pain, I feel a wicked sense of achievement. It's the time for my wisdom teeth to pay!!