Thursday, May 01, 2014

Thank water for wonders!

Heard of Masaru Emoto and his experiments with water crystal? I got to know about it a long time back, as part of my curiosity campaign to read anything and everything that can be cited during a self-development workshop. The experiments are remarkable in ways more than one. For uninitiated, the experiment talks about the effect of different things on water crystal. These things included different types of music, words, pictures, and prayers. After subjecting the samples of water to particular music, words, etc. Emoto studied them on crystal level. He found that the positive or negative vibration of the thoughts, the sample was subjected to, drastically affected the shape of the crystal. More positive the thought was, more clear and beautiful were the hexagonal water crystals. He has this entire gallary of crystal images, showing the incredible effect of our thought vibration on water. Since, our body is largely made up of water, the same fundamental applies on us. Imagine, what our thoughts do to our own body!

This becomes even more significant in the context of our biological matter, we are made up of. Ethereally, we are constituted of proportions of five elements, viz. earth, water, fire, air, and sky. These proportions determine our basic nature. People with water as a dominant element are very malleable and adjusting, just as the nature of water is. They will easily fit in and assume shape of environment they are placed in. If you are one such person with dominant water element, you will even more be affected by the power of thought vibration.

During my Reiki classes, the teacher asked all of us to give Reiki to the water we were drinking. She suggested us to start giving Reiki to the water and food that we eat on a regular basis. In fact, she even made us drink water before and after Reiki and I must admit that I did realize a change in the taste! So, after that on and off I do give Reiki to water and drink it, especially when I am not feeling very well. In fact, a couple of times, I even gave Reiki to medicines. Once, my dad was not feeling very well, and despite his strong arguments of letting him have his regular medicines, I cajoled him to drink my Reiki water, several times in the day. The good thing is that he actually felt better without medicines.

Inspired by these small experiments, I read more about the water crystal experiments and realized that you can still make water better and healthier even without Reiki. The impact of powerful positive words when said with intensity and focus is immense. As part of another small experiment, I bought one big glass jug and placed it right beside Bihari ji. The places of worship are generally considered to be of high vibration. Then, I made it a point to recite some positive words focused on that jug, at least twice a day. Initially I started with Thank You, then Love, Health, Well Being, etc. were used. I have been doing it for last several weeks. I would do this daily and then drink this water. After all these weeks, I could truthfully say that I am actually witnessing some changes in my health. I am feeling much more lively and healthy and one ailment that was bothering me for past several months has slowly been healed.

In fact, following Meister Eckhart advice that 'If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough', I have changed my prayers to gratitude sessions. Twice a day, just as religiously I should do, I sit in front of Bihari Ji and thank him for everything I could. This has an effect of an ant-acid. Remember that feeling, when we have a burning sensation in our esophagus and then you drink two tbsp of Digene (like my dad) or one glass of cold milk (like me) and find instant relief? This is very close to the pleasure I derive from my gratitude sessions. In fact, more I am getting sincere about these sessions, more the number of things I am finding to be thankful for. Law of attraction at its best. Also, the water treatment is now focused on this one word of Thank You. I now coerce people at home to drink it, even if that just has a placebo effect.

Now that I could more authentically see the effect of gratitude in enhancing daily life experience. I have also started practicing gratitude day and gratitude ten. The former is celebrated every Saturday, where the whole day I keep reciting Thank You for everything I encounter, eg. getting a tempo immediately without having to stand in scorching sun, for less power rostering during the day, for a particular person to call and contribute to a good conversation, for a good movie on TV, for a worthy acquaintance to come home, for the timely payment of my work, etc.; the latter is for my kid, where in we two spend the last ten minutes of the day, before falling asleep, in remembering about all good things that have happened during the day. It is wonderful to play such things with kids, because they have such less mental blockages and such high delight levels that almost anything and everything is a great wonder for them. My child often considers so many things to be thankful about, which I perhaps would not even notice. The other day, she told me that we should say Thank You because Chota Bheem came in evening - usually during evenings, my dad would watch news and hence she couldn't watch her cartoons. But this day, he had to go out and so we played her cartoon for her. She was thankful for this :)

Similarly, one night she was thankful because one my friends' daughter spoke to her on phone. My friends' daughter is almost one and a half year older to her and the two usually do some incomprehensible chatting on phone, both ranting their own stories - I guess that day she was able to comprehend some of that and hence felt more delighted that usual. The game is picking up fast and we both look forward to it, enthusiastically. While this might have some good effect on our water crystals, I am happy that it is also instilling a crucial attitude of 'appreciating' things in life in my kiddo, while also reviving my own dried sentience towards it.

After she gets a little older, we are going to go to the next level in our gratitude games by introducing glad games, taken from an old children classic, Pollyanna. The game demands you to find something to be glad about in every situation, howsoever, deplorable and sad it appears to be. The harder the situation the more fun it is to find something to be glad about it. My child is little too small to play this game right now, but I have started practicing the stuff in order to be a master myself, by the time she is ready to join it. Thank you God for the wonderful games and the wonders it bring to our lives.