Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Visiting Dalhousie in winters

There are places I want to see and there are things I want to do... The Bucket List series is a glance of what all that is.
I am fond of snow and the idea of staying amidst white capped mountains, while fighting for some warm sun shine. I am usually a beach person, but cleanliness and magnificence of mountains equally captures my attention. For being brought up in parts of Uttarakhand, I have some experience of living in mountains, but I still long for places that typically make 'hill-station'.

Dalhousie is there in my mind, after a writer friend went there to finish his book. His stay of ten days was remarkable, as he narrated it. The beautiful and antique city moves at a snail pace in chilled winters. The way he explained is that the world suddenly stops when you are there. You have all the time in the world. No body disturbs you. No honking, no bustling. With a chill that might even freeze your bones, you just want to stay inside your warm room with curtains pulled wide to appreciate the marvel of nature that paints everything white.

The way he explained the city suggested that it is not just a tourist destination. It is more like a detox spa - you know the places, where life comes on a pleasant hold and you are allowed to breathe. I have always loved such places. If Dalhousie is really that kind of place, I would seriously recommend it as a honeymoon destination - after all what does a couple want then, if not the seclusion from the world with nothing to disturb two people in love.

Besides, the colonial charm of the place is something very much intact in Dalhousie. Mussorie, etc. too have that touch, but with dense tourist crowd the place is far from its natural demure. The only sad thing about Dalhousie is there are not much around it. Like other than exploring this old town, there is not much for the worth of your money. But I still think a vacation of two to three days is a good one here. Also, one can go around and see not-so-famous places. There are some really cool and old churches around.

Anyway, more when I actually get a chance to see that place, which I really really wish comes soon. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy some imagery, taken from Internet.