Tuesday, June 24, 2014

.. the so much work I want to do...

I like being a workaholic! Staying immersed in it and completing task after task gives me a strange sense of achievement and peace. Not that I love every bit of it, but I feel good that I am delivering value. I don't know what people really mean when they say that one should love the work one does, because there is nothing that one can consistently love or hate. I love some parts of the work I do, I hate other few. What motivates me is how well I am able to do it, hoping that the value I am adding at my end would create a difference in the chain ahead. After all, at the end of the day, I must feel worthy of what I earn; and in the instances I feel that, I think I love my work, too.

On puritan grounds there is nothing like complete job satisfaction. The satisfaction comes, when we are able to do justice with the skill set we possess or think that we possess. I love writing, but then I do not want to do arbitrary writing on topics I like. I want to do things more powerful than expressing my thoughts, and that is expressing people's thoughts for them, and so unfeigned that you become their mouthpiece. With time I have realised that writing is not the thing my soul really longs for, it is about using the power of words in changing lives. And the moment I bring this perspective into my work, I find my work very significant; and automatically my focus and dedication towards it increases.

I remember a quote about contentment that said that contentment is about enjoying what you have right now. It has actually very less to do what you want in future. Same applies to the work we do... the quality we deliver today has very little to do with any external factor. Intrinsically we need to keep growing our skills so high that eventually we start attracting the work that suits those skill-set. I know it sounds too hypothetical, but it is not; and the reason I am saying that is because that is what I have experienced.