Friday, January 08, 2016

Early mornings

Early mornings are no-nonsense times. Every living soul you encounter in these wee hours is driven by a specific purpose.

You do not open your eyes and get up from your bed, unless you have a business to take care of. It could be selling newspapers, milking cows, attending nature's calls, or even a simple act of praying. You have some very exact reason to break your sleep in those somber moments. You very clearly know what you have to do now.

This is so different from late nights. Late nights have a jittery in their hearts, a wanderness, an aimlessness. You want to exhaust them. Whereas, the early mornings are pricey. You consume them very little at a time. Like a calculative businessman you spend them as if they are expensive and precious, taking every minute into account. You do not waste early mornings. You do not leave things undone to be done next early morning. You know there are no next early mornings.

Early mornings are like old age - no nonsense, straightforward, and intense.