Thursday, January 07, 2016

Why should I find the God?

One day we all, each one of us, are going to be the part of God. Once again. We have not come into this world to find the God. He was the one whom we left to come into this world; and He is the One, we all are eventually going back to.

If it makes it more understandable, here's an analogy. We leave our parents and go to the Universities for studies. Our parents know we will miss them and yet they encourage us to take this journey. We evolve as we spend our time in the University. We become self-dependent. Some of us forget our parents, rest many, do not do that. Our experiences in the University make us a very unique individual. The better the time we spend at the University, the greater are chances of our becoming better individuals. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we excel. Some people get more failures than the others. All this while, we do remember our parents a lot. We feel that they can set things right for us. At times, we want to leave our studies and go back to them. Our parents too feel the pain. They know no one can love us more than they do. Yet, they send us out to that University, becuase we cannot be our parent's shadow. We have to be a being of our own might.

Isn't this very exact to our relationship and longing for God. We are sent in this world not to find our way back to Him. We are here to live our life at this University called the World. While, God is there with all of us all the time, he cannot live our journey. He cannot simplify things for us after a limit. It is our journey and how we live it is going to define what kind of unique individuals we have become. And God, like all parents, wants us to be our best.

Then why to waste so much of efforts in trying to find, discover, or unite with the God. The God is anyway always there with us, for us, waiting to embrace us back when we will finish our education - our journey.

Our motto in this life is to "see" this world and "live" this life. Discover the wonders of the world and live through what creates them. The nature, the beauty, the people, the love, the life.

We are not here to know where God lives or how does he look, we are here to see what he created in this world and why he created us. We are here to marvel at the wonders he created in the form of our mind and heart. We are here to devour the pleasure of being one with the material, one of the material.

We are not physical beings on a spiritual journey; we are spiritual beings on a physical journey. There is something very materialistic in our existence and through this goes the purpose of our being. Do not deny materialism, do not loathe it.

Instead, embrace it. For this makes us and our world and leads us to the most wondrous of the truths of which science, religion, or even  spirituality might not be aware of.

A quote from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mittey, which I absolutely love:

"To see this world, things dangerous to come to,  to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel, that is the purpose of life."