Saturday, October 28, 2017

Diamonds, not always the best friends

"You know, you owe me a diamond ring", she said in a tone mixed with twit and fun, in that ordinary morning, while looking at the front page ad of Sale at Tanishq.

"First make yourself worth it", he remarked, as a matter of fact, as he placed himself across the dining table, quickly pulling the newspaper from her hands. Can't say if the reaction was more casual, haste, or savage.

It did sting; but she got busy with the breakfast routine, ignoring and pretending it to be one of those many hurts that her husband's sharp, unrefined tongue bore without his heart really meaning it. Sending him on his mundane course of everyday events looked more important than confronting him for desecrating her dignity.

Many years later, she bought herself a solitaire in an unplanned purchase. Can't say what other ladies feel about a diamond adoring their fingers, but she felt more victory than vanity. The piece of jewellery was the hallmark of her self-worth.

But everytime she looked at it, that morning conversation inevitably came to her mind. And, everytime, somehow the stone lost its shine.